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Since the first release of Angular we have used their framework for my personal and professional mobile application and web projects. Head over to our blog and our projects section to see how these have been used. 


The Ionic framework is a perfect framework to use along side Angular, as Ionic really gives my applications the edge in design and the speed for rapid development in production and pro-typing. 


At heart I am an engineer and with that comes a certain curiosity, creativity and want to understand how the world around me works. Growing up I played a lot of games so it is only natural that I understand how to make them. Using unity I can combine my love for gaming with my love for software. All my games are made using C# using the Unity Engine.  

Service Now

In my day to day professional career Service Now is a popular CMDB. I have created a lot of platforms for clients using Service Now and also done a lot of custom integrations between this platform and others such as SolarWinds utilizing the Rest APIs available.


As a recognized certified professional, SolarWinds is where I spend a lot of my day to day. It is an exceptional network monitoring too which helps us Network Engineers stay on top of our environment. As a developer I build a lot for SW from custom dashboard to integrations that are usual quite out there. 


PowerShell is a brilliant system language that I used frequently in conjunction with SolarWinds. But as a frequent Windows user and admin I also build a lot of PowerShell applications to automate my day to day boring tasks and even use it to build integrations between two desktop systems such as Service Now and SolarWinds. 


At the start of my development career I used MySQL a lot as it is open source. But as I move into a lot of Enterprise environments and uses Enterprise tools like SolarWinds I needed to become a SQL administrator, I frequently spend time within but not limited too SQL DB.

Mongo DB

Mongo DB is a noSQL Database tool which I have recently begun to use and prototype with. I use it a lot for Rapid Development along side my Angular Apps. 

Node JS

In order to build all of my apps in my favorite languages JavaScript it is necessary to understand how to use NodeJS. Angular and Ionic both go hand in hand with NodeJS, this run-time enviro makes life a lot easier and cleaner than for me personally.  


As much as I like creating websites using fully custom code. I cant expect my clients to be able to make future changest to a site in code. Thus I integrate a lot of sites with wordpress as it is a well known easy to use CMS. However what gives my work the edge over some developers is that all of my custom code is then converted into WordPress templates so everyone gets that custom feel with the ease of a CMS. 


PHP for me was a fantastic of me writing complex back ends connecting the nice front end to a database at the time usually written in MySQL. PHP is a fantastic language for me to use to write backends and I dont think ill be dropping it anytime soon. 


Much line Angular being the next best thing in hybrid applications, Bootstrap is up there as a brilliant framework that I utilize to make all of my “simple” type sites as its is a really clean and quick way to build uniformity and responsiveness into all of my sites.