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Personal Profile

Recognised SolarWinds certified professional and member of the SolarWinds Community (Thwack) with continuous contribution and enhancements on the Orion Platform. 

Keen developer and innovator of the SolarWinds Platform. Confident Applications developer leveraging technologies such as Angular 7, Ionic, SQL, C#, ASP and PowerShell.

Keen systems integrator who enjoys developing new ways to connect in house systems such as SolarWinds and CMDB Service Now. 

Information Systems Administrator with expertise in administering infrastructure operations, planning, executing, controlling and managing complicated tasks, according to business needs.

A self-motivated individual with a passion for promoting the company’s profile and delivering effective customer service through excellent communication skills.

A confident team player, supporting and improving the working experience of colleagues. Thriving on challenge, while retaining the ability to remain calm and focused even in stressful or unexpected circumstances.

Adaptable, flexible and willing to learn as well as trustworthy, honest, reliable and looking forward to being part of a team that ensures best possible productivity for the company.

Work Experience


OneNetix LTD

OneNetix LTD was started by my self to give me the opportunity to begin working for my self in contracting. The goals for OneNetix are to provide professional one to one solutions for software development and software integration solutions. I also provide network monitoring solutions and installations such as SolarWinds, Nagios and Zabbix etc. Along side these services I also provide installation and integrations with Service Now. 

2019/05 – Present


DeveloperSquare LLC

DeveloperSquare was started in 2011 whilst I was in College. It was designed to be a portfolio for my self and a jumping off point to start my own business. All my apps are now build in Angular 7 with Ionic 4 using a PHP back-end where possible. 

2011 – Present

Senior Technical & Network Engineer

Prosperon Networks

2nd and 3rd level of support
SolarWinds Certified Professional
PowerShell Scripting
SolarWinds SDK
Azure Services and Infrastructure
SolarWinds Orion Architect/Specialist
.NET Developing on SolarWinds
Internal Infrastructure support
Clients’ System Administration and maintenance
API Specialist
GIT Specialist
Service Now Developer

2018/03 – 2019/05

IT Support Team Leader


2nd and 3rd level of support
3CX Profesional
Manage the Support Team of 1st line and 2nd line engineers
Design and Implement Asterisk PBX systems
Python Scripting

2014/06 – 2018/03

Junior Support Engineer


2nd and 3rd level of support
3CX Profesional
Manage the Support Team of 1st line and 2nd line engineers
Design and Implement Asterisk PBX systems
Python Scripting

2012/05 – 2014/02


  • HTML & CSS
  • PHP
  • JavaScript / Angular
  • C#
  • PowerShell
  • Operations implementation and configuration
  • Infrastructure design and implementaion
  • Virtualisation
  • API intergrations
  • Service Now

Contact Info

  • Liam Miller


In my personal time I am a keep developer always honing in with my skills. When not occupied with work, I am also a big movie lover with genres like SCFI, Horror and Action. I also enjoy most genres of music from hip-hop to heavy metal. Fitness is very important to me and I try to get down the gym or do some form of physical activity at least 3 time a week. Aside from all of this I enjoy being a “hobbiest” by creating new things within my home such as home automation systems or writing little games for PC.